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Confido FOR SALE

February 6, 2009 · dan

Confido FOR SALE, The other day i got a comment on one my posts, which doesn't happen very often [hardly ever]. Confido from canada, Sometimes i get one from alec, and every once in a while i get one from people i don't know (thanks rob, Confido price, Reasons to Confido online,  i liked those pics, too), where can i find Confido online, Confido 50mg, but the other day's comment, from someone i know very well, Confido snort, alcohol iteraction, Kjøpe Confido online, bestill Confido online, but not well enough, made me [physically] actually hook up my scanner and do more work than i'm used to doing, köpa Confido online, Osta Confido online, Jotta Confido verkossa. Confido 500mg, thanks, Jesse, online Confido without a prescription. Confido coupon, The picture from the other day was taken with my Holga, but i used 35mm film instead of 120mm, Confido FOR SALE. Cheap Confido, before that picture was taken i spent maybe an hour or more looking for two rubber bands so the film would wind-up soundly. a crazy fucking adventure!!, Confido FOR SALE. ugh, Confido 100mg. Confido without a prescription, oh, so okay, Confido 150mg, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and... then i realized after shooting the roll that i didn't have a changing bag, purchase Confido FOR SALE, Confido 625mg,650mg, and COULD NOT, after 20 phone calls, Confido samples, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, find any business in New Orleans that sells one or even knew what one was. Well, Confido no prescription, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, Moldaner's knew what i wanted, at least, no prescription Confido online, Order Confido online c.o.d, and said they'd have some in stock soon... Confido FOR SALE, i wanted to support em, i really-really did, but i ended up just ordering online cuz i couldn't wait... 

okay, where was i going with this.

oh, Confido without prescription, Farmacia Confido baratos, Confido online kaufen, so yeah, like i said, Confido 250mg, Confido in cats, dogs, children, i shot with 35mm film (expired 400 ASA Kodak something-er-other)... this way i could get it processed cheaply at Walgreens and not spend two hours in traffic going to Metairie for 120 processing that's gonna be super-expensive. The image Jesse commented on was a result of Walgreens' processing from an unaltered JPEG (the Joint Photographic Experts Group's favored form of image compression/codec) on the CD-ROM they provided, where can i cheapest Confido online, Confido online cod, massively cropped by their negative scanner... which is fine, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina. i expected that, Confido FOR SALE. Rx free Confido, anyway, sadly, i can't take credit for the amazing colors... i wish i could, cuz they RULED-IT... sigh.

anyway, here's the original frame, unedited, scanned from my crappy HP. 

[yes, obviously i'm more verbose than usual... Confido FOR SALE, i think it might be some sort of subliminal act of malice towards mr. LeDoux, who has occasionally given me shit for being overly talkative about stuff no one cares about, including me]

[oh, and there is no real point to this. i love both images equally. thanks.]



i almost forgot EARTHLESS!!!, Confido FOR SALE. wow.

i bought this album over the summer at AQUARIUS RECORDS in San Francisco. again, buy stuff from Aquarius cuz they're awesome, and Andee kinda-sorta saved my life, sorta [Thanks, dude], but him saving my life on some level has nothing to do with why the record store is RAD, or why EARTHLESS is rad. 

anyway, the album is fuckin amazing, Tim Green recorded it, and if I could be in any band right now, it'd be Earthless. seriously.

Aquarius - search for Earthless
iTunes link 


i think i might make a powerpoint-thingy for a meeting on Monday.

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