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Written on May 29, 2009

Seroquel FOR SALE, After some random web surfing this afternoon, I came across a couple blogs that had various posts regarding new city-built skateparks that don't allow bikes. I seriously can not believe this is still an issue. I guess since I don't ride skateparks anymore, I kind of forgot that this kinda discrimination still exists. 

Several years ago, when I lived in Port Angeles, Washington, purchase Seroquel FOR SALE, there was rad (although wonky) skatepark in the town 15 miles away, Sequim. The Sequim skatepark didn't allow bikes, but that didn't stop me and several other people from riding there several times a week. Seroquel from canada, Suddenly, after a year or so, cops started showing up ALL THE TIME and giving us tickets and/or confiscating our bikes for weeks at a time. It eventually got to be a serious headache, and it just didn't make sense to me, so I decided to do something about it, Seroquel FOR SALE.

I got a few people together, both BMXers and skaters, and started going to City Council meetings, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, and worked really hard to promote our ideals. Long story short; 4 months later, and 2 weeks after I moved back to New Orleans, the city ordinance was changed and bicycles were finally allowed to ride the Sequim skatepark legally and hassle-free. Seroquel 250mg, Awesome. We totally won. Seroquel FOR SALE, I never did get to ride that park legally...

Anyway, here's some advice if your local skatepark doesn't allow bikes, and obviously this only applies to city parks, not privately-owned parks (they can do what they want):

- Go to City Council meetings and SIGN IN, Seroquel samples. Usually at the end of these meetings they'll go down the list of people that signed-in and let them speak. Say what you gotta say and be polite, almost like you're at court. Most likely they won't do anything and will ask you to come back for the next session.

- Keep going to the meetings. I think this is where most people screw up the hardest.., Seroquel FOR SALE. Seroquel from mexico, don't give up easily if nothing happens. This shit takes serious time, and city stuff goes in slow motion...

- Dress nicely, like you would for a job interview. You don't hafta wear a suit or anything, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina.

- Be polite Seroquel FOR SALE, , articulate, and keep your "speech" short and to the point. These peeps wanna get outa there and go home.

- Learn the council people's names, and look for them in the local paper, etc. Kjøpe Seroquel online, bestill Seroquel online, This one helped me a bunch... I ran into one of the dudes at the Albertson's one time and said "hello Mister so-and-so..." and reintroduced myself, made light conversation for a minute, and then left him alone. At the next meeting he gave me a dude-nod. 

- I hafta stress articulation again.., Seroquel FOR SALE. nobody is gonna listen to someone who's fumbling their words all over the place. Prepare yourself for questions you think they might ask, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and never, ever get irate or stupid. 

- Pick a leader, a person that's going to be your voice. Sorry kids, Order Seroquel online overnight delivery no prescription, but have an adult take this role. Council people want one person to deal with. Seroquel FOR SALE, Always bring your nicely dressed posse with you, however.

- Make online and printed petitions, but don't make comments available for Council members to look at. There's always gonna be "fuck this" and "fuck that", and you don't want that association, Seroquel 150mg. But, just so you know, in our case anyway, the petition was the weakest tool we had at our disposal... Seroquel without a prescription, they totally didn't care...

- Make a website, and do it well, Seroquel FOR SALE. There's tons of nice looking WordPress templates, so making a nice website shouldn't be hard.

- Make "friends" with the cop or cops that bust you the most... I found out that they're equally as annoyed, so there ya go.., Seroquel 125mg. I eventually asked our local sesh-buster to come to a meeting with us, and he totally helped our cause... Seroquel FOR SALE, For him it was a waste of time going to the park to bust us. 

there's more, i know... if I think of more stuff I'll post it the comments, or create a new post... Seroquel for sale, but, after the jump there's copy that I wrote several years ago -- TAKE IT and EDIT IT as you see fit, if you think any of it would benefit your situation. 



A Tremor in the Force 

Allow me to save you some time by summarizing this message with one single sentence: Bicycles should be allowed in all public skate parks. 

Three weeks ago, three BMX riders (myself included) had their bicycles confiscated by the Sequim Police for riding their bikes at the skate park. Two weeks later another rider had his bicycle taken away, Seroquel 625mg,650mg. This sort of police activity has been occurring for years, but lately the heat has been turned up considerably, Seroquel FOR SALE. BMX riding is not a crime, and it certainly shouldn't be treated like one. However, City of Sequim Municipal Code 10.21.050 (section C) prohibits the use of bicycles in the PUBLIC skate park - clearly this rule was designed with several misconceptions and needs to be addressed, Seroquel over the counter, and changed, immediately. 

There is a word that is often used in the legal world of product branding and trademarking, "Genericide." This is when a specific brand name becomes identified, or is synonymous, with an entire type of product or service. Kleenex is often used when speaking of tissues, Seroquel coupon, Xerox is used for photocopying, Coke for cola, and any pair of denim jeans will sometimes be referred to as Levi's. It seems that the terms "BMX" and "Skate Park" face this same form of semantic abuse. 

"BMX" (Bicycle MotoCross) is a term that envelopes many styles and disciplines of bike riding that is performed on a 20 inch (and sometimes 24 inch) bicycle, Seroquel pharmacy, whether it's street riding, ramps, dirt jumping, skate park riding, or racing. Seroquel FOR SALE, Granted, the term was made popular in the late 1960s when kids would race and jump their bikes on dirt tracks, emulating motorcycle racing. Years later BMX riding began branching out in different directions and new sports/genres were born, Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas. But despite the many styles of bicycle stunt riding, the term BMX acted as the umbrella moniker for all sports performed on 20" bikes.

"Skate Park" is the common title for any concrete or plywood park that is built with various ramps and obstacles that skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX riders use to perform stunts. Seroquel 5mg, It is a generic term that shouldn't be taken literally. Internationally televised events like ESPN's X-Games and all BMX, skateboard, and inline skating magazines clearly illustrate that all of these sports use the same terrain, using the same ramp courses for each sport's competitions, events, japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl, and sessions. This year's NFL Superbowl pre-game show televised Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam, a program where skaters and BMX bikers perform stunts together on the same ramps and obstacles, Seroquel FOR SALE. If anything, this clearly shows how closely related these sports really are. Not allowing bicycles in public skate parks is not only short-sighted and discriminatory, Seroquel snort, alcohol iteraction, but it may also be a civil rights issue.

The Skatepark Association of the United States of America (SPAUSA) states, "Cities should always allow bikes to use the skateparks. They are building a park for recreational purposes and it is not right to exclude these kids." They go on to say, "If you are a private park then you can decide who uses the park. If you are a city park and you discriminate against the biker (who is usually accepted into private parks), then you may have a civil rights issue." Some groups of bike riders are actually taking their case to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 400mg, 450mg. Seroquel FOR SALE, Whatever the case, not allowing bicycles in a public skate park is a form of discrimination. No police officer or city official would think twice or bat an eye if they witnessed kids playing kickball or softball on a baseball field, or if people were playing soccer on a football field (or vice-versa) - why would they. These sports are similar enough and can use the same facilities, much like BMX biking and skateboarding. Canada, mexico, india, A few months ago I saw people fencing (actually, they were full-on sword fighting and dressed as knights) on a local baseball field. Needless to say they weren't issued any fines, and their property was not seized. 

Just because "skate park" doesn't have the word "bike" in it doesn't mean bikes shouldn't be allowed to share the facilities.

Bikes and skateboards can peacefully co-exist in a skate park. Countless skate parks across the United States (and Washington State) allow bicycles in their parks without incident, and many more are changing their rules and laws to finally allow bikes into their public parks, Seroquel FOR SALE. Oklahoma City, OK recently finished construction of their world-class skate park, cheap Seroquel, and skaters and bikers both use the park successfully. The skate park in Louisville, KT was voted by Thrasher Magazine (a popular skateboarding magazine) as the number one skate park in the US, and that park allows bikes 24 hours a day, Seroquel 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, seven days a week, according to Access BMX.

Furthermore, sharing the facilities among both sports does not create a hazardous environment. An extremely popular misconception is that the number of collisions will skyrocket by introducing bicycles to the park. This simply is not true. Seroquel FOR SALE, Sure, bikes do in fact go faster than skateboards and inline skates or scooters, but they are also more maneuverable and have brakes. Collisions occur when proper "park etiquette" is not practiced, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, when users do not wait their respected turn, or use the park irresponsibly. I have personally ridden my bike in skate parks uncountable times and have never experienced a collision with any bikers or skateboarders. I have been witness to, Seroquel 200mg, however, dozens of collisions, only one of which involved a bike. All the collisions that I've observed, not a single one resulted in injury. 

Another concern amongst many city officials is the mistaken belief that bicycles will cause undue damage to the skate park. Again, another falsehood.., Seroquel FOR SALE. Many skate parks across the world have been operating for over 20 years, Seroquel online cod, having allowed bikes the entire time, and they still operate at full capacity. For several years, studies have been conducted with this concern in mind and so far there is no evidence that bikes cause more damage than skateboards, Seroquel FOR SALE, according to the SPAUSA. This has been a heated debate among skateboarders, bikers, and city officials across the globe for over a decade. Skaters claim bikes chew up the concrete with their pegs, bikers argue that a skateboard's trucks cause the destruction, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas. Seroquel FOR SALE, It is a futile argument with no resolve, and only goes in circles. Skate park damage is inevitable no matter what the sport, but the harm to the Sequim skate park is very minimal and does not hinder its usefulness in any way (keep in mind that bikes have been riding the park since its grand opening years ago, albeit illegally).

One argument against bikes that is specific to Sequim is that some feel that bicycles carry dirt, tiny rocks and debris on their tires and distribute the mess throughout the park. New York. Los Angeles, California, This has to be one of the weakest arguments I have ever heard. Yes, tiny rocks are a concern - small skateboard wheels when confronted with the smallest of stones can send a skater flat on the ground in a millisecond. However, the dirt and rocks are not coming from bike tires. Those of you familiar with the Sequim skate park may have noticed that it's surrounded by dirt fields, and the main point of entry is almost entirely gravel, Seroquel FOR SALE. The whole area is swimming with dirt and rocks.., rx free Seroquel. shoes track this into the park, and wind plays a big role in the contamination (there used to be trees around the park, but they have been removed... no longer helping shield the park from wind). Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, I've even seen little kids throwing rocks and sticks into the park. Bike tires are not the culprit!

Seroquel FOR SALE, Speaking of the Sequim skate park's surroundings, there is in fact one lot on the east side of the skate park that is worth mentioning, the City of Sequim BMX Track. The BMX track was supposed to be the equivalent playground for BMX bikes as the skate park is for skating. I am in no way criticizing this effort (even though the funds for this "track" were obviously very little, and built with horrible dirt that contains so many large rocks and stones making it almost unrideable), but the park is only suitable for beginners and not challenging or productive for more experienced riders. Dirt track riding is the least popular genre of BMX riding, købe Seroquel online, αγοράζουν online Seroquel, and limiting bikers to this one specific area is irresponsible and superficial, and will not suffice as a solution to this issue.

The similarities between the two sports are countless. They practically share the same culture, perform the same style of tricks (many of which share the same names - feeble, smith, and fakie to name a few), and ride the same obstacles. Curbs, walls, ramps, ledges, rails, half pipes, and skate park environments are common grounds for both sports, Seroquel FOR SALE. In the business world, many companies cater to both lifestyles. For example, Vans and Etnies are both popular companies that develop products for BMXers and skateboarders, and have their own teams respectively. The popular BMX video game, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Activision), even uses most of the same programming code as the Tony Hawk's Underground (Activision) skateboarding game. 

Despite all the warnings and citations, bikers will continue to return to the skate park. It's not because these kids have criminal intentions or are stupid (In fact, it's just the opposite... Seroquel FOR SALE, there's no room for dealing drugs or stealing cars when you're trying to nail 360 tailtaps. These kids are doing something positive and are being punished for it, and treated like criminals. Would you rather no bikes in the skate park, or a group of very bored and anxious kids milling about. We all know what boredom promotes...). BMX riding is their life and their culture, and the Sequim skate park is the perfect environment for their needs. The fact that they return at all illustrates perfectly their dedication to the sport, and it is shameful and inexcusable that they are treated with such disrespect.

Throw away the animosity, change the rules. 

Thank you,

your name.

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  1. Comment by Will:

    Great post how to not only quit bitching and get stuff done, but to go about it the right way. Kind of a “don’t fight the system – learn how it works and change it” piece.

    My only note is here: Another concern amongst many city officials is the mistaken belief that bicycles will cause undo damage to the skate park. should be undue.

    May 29, 2009 @ 4:19 pm
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